Avalon Router Offshore


The easiest and most powerful weather routing and navigation system on a tablet


One single application to cover:


  • Calculate the best route integrating winds and currents (see Avalon Advanced Routing video)
  • Easy routing for new weather routing users (see Avalon Easy Routing video)
  • Compare the best route with the shortest route and select most appropriate one
  • Forget awkward waypoints positioning. Avalon automatically places them for you
  • Know detailed passage conditions before leaving harbor
  • Get you customized VPP (boat speed characteristics) inclusive of each sail set (see Avalon VPP video)
  • …. or just pick one of the 450 pre registered boats
  • Forget old-fashioned weather grib files. Avalon downloads automatically highly compressed weather data
  • Compatible with any satellite phone system (Iridium, Iridium Go, Inmarsat, etc)


  • Monitor precisely your navigation on a nautical map (see Navigation video)
  • Receive a sound and visual warning in case of collision risk (AIS)
  • Monitor your main navigation data (NMEA) on your device


  • Load your own nautical maps into Avalon
  • Install public (free) maps: USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina
  • Benefit from highly discounted prices on our packs of maps derived from ®UKHO or ®SHOM




  • Receive a sound warning when the anchor is sliding (distance and/or depth), with remote alarm via email


  • Cross the start line at the second
  • Optimize the tacks with the real time display of the lay lines
  • Integrate impact of sea status (with crossed sea detection) in your optimized route


Prices from 35 € + tax