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Avalon announces a new system to calculate your customized VPP.

We will introduce a new system to enable skippers to calculate their personnalized polars at the next Paris boat show beginning December.

Unlike many standard VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) aka “polar”, published by shipyard architects or rating organizations, this new system will enable you to determine target speed that are in line with the specifics of your boat as well as your navigation preferences.  

The system works for monohulls (sloop, ketch or schooner) and the following sail sets:

  • Main + Jib/Genoa (regular or roller furling)
  • Main + Spi (symetric)
  • Main + Asymetric Spi
  • Main + Code 0
  • Mizzen (optional)

Main benefit of such a tool is to calculate more accurate routes as it integrates precise predicted speed per TWS (True Wind Speed) and TWA (True WInd Angle). It also gives you predicted heeling and recommended reefing. 

This piece of software will be made public on this web site in the next weeks after its introduction at the Paris event. An automatic interface will be installed to enable you to download your customized polar data sets on your Android or iOS tablet.

If you are present at the Paris Boat Show (Dec 2-10) we will be please to meet you to calculate your customized polars. In this case, please inform us so that we can arrange a short meeting and bring with you detailed data about your boat. 

Below are some screenshots of the new system:



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