Avalon introduces “Easy Routing” in the Version 3.5 for iOS and Android


We have just released Version 3.5 for the 2 platforms: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) with:

  • Addition of an “Easy Routing” module to enable skippers to calculate very easily their first routes using weather routing optimization.
  • Addition of an Anchoring alarm in the navigation module based on distance around the anchor and water depth, with local and remote alarms.

In the Easy Routing module, we have already recorded almost 800 harbors in the following countries:

  • France (with Corsica)
  • Spain (with Balearics)
  • Portugal
  • England South (with the Scillies, Jersey and Guernsey
  • Italy West with Sardinia and SIcily
  • USA (East Coast and Gulf of Mexico)
  • Croatia
  • Greece and USA West Coast (with Hawai) are currently being worked out.

It works as follows:

To enter “easy routing”, a magic wand icon has been added on the routing screen

Select starting and ending harbors. Also choose your starting date, keeping in mind the available wind forecast period.

Then tap on “Compute Route”.

Required weather data are automatically imported from our servers and route is calculated within seconds.

As in the “expert” mode, comparizon between direct and optimized route is available, with all other cruise summary data.

  • Direct route is the minimum distance route, i.e a line or a set of line segments connecting start to arrival. Avalon will stay on this line and will use the sails or the engine, depending about the wind. This is what many cruisers do.
  • Optimized route is the route that has been calculated by Avalon. This route will use the engine only when the wind is not sufficient to reach a given minimum speed. This route will be longer (in distance) but can be shorter in time and will often reduce the motoring time.

Comparing between the 2 will enable the skipper to decide easily and quickly the preferred route.

To enter the Anchoring menu, go to the Navigation menu and tap on the anchor icon. The system is self explanatory.

Good sailing,


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