Avalon Offshore for iOS V3.4 is available on the AppStore


You can now download or update Avalon Offshore with version 3.4 from the AppStore.

This version integrates all improvements recently added to the Android version.A video showing most of the advantages brought by this version can be viewed here:

Calculating a complex route with automatic waypoints

Improvements are:

  • New set of icons, easier to read
  • Waypoints automatically positioned on the map
  • Comparison between optimum route (calculated by Avalon) and minimum distance route
  • Isobaric now available in the meteo module, without having to calculate a route before
  • More precise internal cartography (used in the routing engine)
  • Graphical VPP editor on iPad
  • Improved management of the impact of sea state on your boat speed (in the racing module)

This version is fully compatible with Avalon VPP, our customized VPP software.

We are using the opportunity of this newsletter to announce some changes in our cartographic offerings: (availability in 2 weeks):

  • UKHO: Addition of 2 packs of quilted maps: Belgium/Netherlands and England East
  • SHOM (France): Addition of 3 mega quilted maps: France Atlantic, Mediterranean and Channel. You will be able to purchase those maps for 100 € HT each. They regroup about 100 maps (including insets)

Below are some screenshots of the new version:

Example of a route calculated without any manually positioned waypoint:


VPP editor:


Good sailing !


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