Avalon Router Offshore

New Racing option in test in Avalon Offshore (Apple version)

We are preparing a new option within Avalon for those of you who are doing regattas.

Among other facilities, this new option integrates a regatta start module. The picture below explains how the module is working. We are currently looking for regatta racers that would be interrested in participating to our final tests.

If you are interrested, please provide us with your Apple Id (email). Then you will only need to install TestFlight (free of charge) from the Appstore, accept an invitation to participate to the tests before installing the new V3.0 version of Avalon Offshore. 

After completion of tests, we will offer one year of free use of the Racing option of Avalon to the testers. We limit number of testers to 10 seats.

The regatta start screen (below) is accessed from a new icon within the navigation menu.

Avalon has got an excellent evaluation from Sailing Magazine (June 2017 issue). In this issue, you can also read an interresting article on Weather Routing techniques available on the Sailing web site here:

Good sailing !