Avalon Router Offshore

New version available on Google Play

You can now update your version of Avalon Offshore for Android on Google Play (free of charge).

This version includes improvements recently brought to the iOS version:

  • 7 packs of maps derived from UKHO (British Admiralty): Balearics, Croatia, Portugal ans Spain North, Spain South England South and Ireland South. A new pack covering the Irish Sea, North of Ireland and South West of Scotland is currently being prepared. It includes 176 maps.
  • SHOM maps: Reorganization of the directory and addition of all coastal maps of Corsica. , including all larger scale maps.
  • New facility to create a return route: Position your start/arrival point, the stopover and its duration and compute route ! That’s all.
  • The internal cartography of the engine has been greatly improved. However, it is always mandatory to validate one’s navigation route on a precise nautical map.

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