Avalon Router Offshore

Version 3.0 (iOS) is available on the AppStore


The new version of Avalon Offshore is available on the AppStore here.

This version includes the following improvements:

7 regional packs of maps derived from UKHO (British Admiralty)
  • Croatia
  • Spain East and Balearics
  • Spain South and Gibraltar
  • Spain North and  Portugal
  • England South
  • Ireland South
  • North East Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canarias, Cabo Verde)

 Every pack integrates between 36 and 145 maps. They are priced at 30€ (+ taxes) for a right to use during one year.. The one year duration is a UKHO imperative. Packs are priced accordingly and will ensure that our users always use very recent versions of the maps.

Please see the description of those packs here..

I remind to the skippers sailing in the USA that all relevant NOAA quilted charts are already loaded in Avalon, free of charge. 

Racing Option

This option is free in 2017. To be able to access it, please provide us with your Avalon Cloud identifier that you can get from the settings screen of the main menu.

For now, this option includes::

In order to keep Avalon as simple as possible for pleasure cruisers, we have decided to keep this option “on demand” for regatta racers.cruisers.

This option will be completed with additional features in the next weeks. 

Roundtrip route facility

Just position your starting point (that is also your arrival point), tap on the screen to create the destination and indicate the stopover time.

Then “compute route” ! Very simple.

Polar Diagram Display

The new display format enables now to determine precisely the TWA (True Wind Angle) where the sailset needs to be changed (between genoa, spinnaker and other sailsets when available) for every TWS. 

And some other improvements: weather icons display, day/night automatic switch., …

 Good sailing,