Avalon Router Offshore

Version 3.1 of Avalon Offshore for iOS is released

Improvements are:

  • Addition of a new icon to export a computed route directly to navigation (right of the “compute route” icon. The navigation route can then be created easily via adding intermediate waypoints (short tap on the blue line)

  • Display key NMEA information directly in the navigation screen: TWS, TWD, TWA, AWS, AWD, Perf, CoG, SoG and STW. They previously and partly in the specific NMEA screen. We have also added GWS et GWD (Ground Wind Speed and Ground Wind Direction) and DFT and SET (current speed and direction).

  • Maximum number of waypoints increased to 20 (useful in navigation).
  • Handling of multi sailsets private polars: You just need to send your polar files via iTunes (one file per sailset) using .pol format. Avalon will prompt you for the name of the boat and the sailset. You polar data will stay confidential on your tablet.

The racing option is available on demand and free of charge: Regatta Start, Laylines, Weather data tuning. Will will continue to improve this option but it will not be included in Avalon Offshore base product to keep the system as simple as possible for pleasure cruiser.

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