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Version 3.4 of Avalon Offshore for Android has been released on Google Play

We are pleased to announce that Version 3.4 of Avalon Offshore for Android is now available on Google Play.

This version includes major improvements whose objectives is to improve ease of use of the product.

  • Icons have been redesigned to improve their clarity. We now have a stronger differentiation between white (on) and black (off) icons.
  • The direct route between departure and arrival points is no longer a simple straight line where the skipper has to position waypoints but a set of line segments that represent the minimum distance route that already consider the earth between departure and arrival. Below is an example between Boston (Mass.) and Newport (R.I.)

  • The skipper can automatically position waypoints via a simple tap on the “WP” icon. Of course, it is possible to add, delete, move or modify waypoints settings.

  • In some cases, it can be needed to remove waypoints to enable the system to find the optimum route.

  • We have added a comparizon between the calculated and the minimum distance route. In the example, the minimum distance route will be shorter by 3 hours and 16 minutes but will require about 6 hours of motoring instead of 7 minutes with the calculated route. The skipper can then easily make a decision.

  • The weather forecast part has been improved. Isobarics and wave heigth are now displayed. We also remind you that you can refresh the weather data without having to re calculate the route. You just need to tap on “update weather data” (top right of the screen) to get new weather data for your navigation area

Of course, this version is compatible with Avalon VPP. to load your customized velocity predictions.

All those improvement will be available on Avalon Offshore for iOS within about 2 weeks.

We plan to increase Avalon Offshore (base) by 5€ HT (or 5$) on March 1st. This price increase will not apply to skippers already having Avalon Offshore for Android  (whatever the version number). There will be no price increase on in-app products (maps and premium subscription).

We hope that this version will improve your user experience with Avalon.

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