December 3, 2014: Présentation of a new version of Avalon Router Offshore at the International Boat Show in Paris (Dec 6-14, 2014)

This version will  introduce Navigational charts in Avalon to enable the skipper to see the calculated route on a navigational chart together with winds, currents and other weather forecast data.

We have also added a facility to save and restore routes and basic navigation functions.

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November 19, 2014: Just added a section on forecasted routes on the VOR (Volvo Ocean Race) 

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November 8, 2014: We have added Video Tutorials to the site.

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November 6, 2014: Advanced Routing and Weather Forecast options are also available on Avalon Coastal version.

Those options offer exactly the same features as for the Offshore version. The only difference is that the routeing duration is limited to 24 hours and 2 degrees around the position.

They can be obtained as "in app products" (in main menu settings).

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Octobre 27, 2014: Advanced Routing and Weather Forecast options are now available on Avalon Offshore version.

Those options can be subscribed from the Avalon main menu settings on the device. There is a one month free trial period up to Dec 31st 2014 (cancellable at any time).

Additional features are:

  • Routeing on 180 hours
  • Streams (MyOcean) on 5 days (Europe zone)
  • Analysis of waves all along the cruise
  • Analysis of winds all along the cruise
  • Weather forecast display for every route point.

On the 2 versions (coastal and offshore, we have also added Stopover Management. Even during a one day cruise, it can be very useful when you want to stay at anchor for a couple of hours and still be sure to be back to the marina before the tide gate closes.  It is not very useful to offshore racers but we consider that a route planner should also bring comfort and safety to the yachtsman.

Analyse of waves along the cruise:

  • Sea-state summary (top right)
  • Wave and swell heigth with slider bar to select time
  • The 3 circles (bottom right) shows the directions of the waves (combine waves, swell and wind waves) compared to the heading of the boat.

houle en


Analyse of wind along the cruise:

  • Wind state (top right)
  • Le circle (bottom right) shows the wind direction and speed compared to boat heading. Time of cruise is selected with the slider bar (bottom left)

wind us



Analyse of weather forecast along the cruise:

Cick on a route point to display the weather at this point.

meteo us


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Oct 3, 2014: New release of Avalon Coastal (V1.8.1)

We have added a set of new reports providing a synthetic view of the cruise.

The objective of this summary report is to give the skipper and crew a quick view of the sailing conditions so that he/she can quickly approve or reject the proposed route and/or timing.

Please note that there is an option in the settings to select if the summary reports should be displayed before the route on the map or after.


In a couple of weeks, we will release a set of much more complete summary reports on the Offshore version. 


Screenshot 2014-10-03-13-00-37

 Screenshot 2014-10-03-13-00-44

Screenshot 2014-10-03-14-19-42 

Screenshot 2014-10-03-13-00-50