Avalon Offshore on MacBook M1 and 2021 versions of UKHO derived packs of maps


This post covers 2 topics:

  • Update of our packs of maps with 2021 data
  • Availability of Avalon Offshore on MacBook M1 (latest generation of MacBook with the ARM chipsett)

2021 packs of UKHO derived maps

The 2021 versions of our packs of maps derived from UKHO are available on the stores. We have also updated the 2020 packs with 2021 maps.

If you bought a UKHO pack in 2020, we recommend that you reload this pack from the application. The 2021 version will be installed free of charge and will replace your 2020 version.

The SHOM packs have also been updated a coouple of weeks ago.

If you want to aquire a UKHO pack in 2021, the process is as follows:

  • Go to  “Charts Setup” module from the main page


  • Then “Packs derived from UKHO” and select one of the 8 available packs. The pack will be installed on the app within a couple of minutes, Beware to have a good network as some of those packs are heavy (up to 800 megs for the UK and Ireland pack)

Avalon Offshore on new generation of MacBook

If you have a MacBoook equiped with an ARM chipset, you can download Avalon Offshore to your MacBook. MacOs 11 (Big Sur) is also necessary.

  1. If you are a customer of Avalon on iOS and you have a new generation of MacBook Air or Pro, you can install Avalon free of charge on your laptop.
  2. If you are not an Avalon customer but have a new generation of MacBook, we will be please to enroll you in our beta test program. Please send us your Apple Id and you will be able to use Avalon during 3 months free of charge.

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1 thought on “Avalon Offshore on MacBook M1 and 2021 versions of UKHO derived packs of maps”

  1. I am using Macbook M1 – 512GB version for more than 20 days now these are the pros and cons:-
    1. It’s Superfast. It will feel fast on everything – from bootup to app opening, to builds, etc.
    2. It’s slim. Air has no fan hence its form factor is even slimmer than Pro.
    3. It remains cold even during heavy code builds. It’s hard to find things which make it warm actually.
    4. I have tried several graphics-heavy games and they run great without any heat as well
    5. If you are just browsing with Wifi on, typically it loses 10% battery in 7-8 hours. But it’s for the Safari browser. It has achieved I guess what people will call power-efficiency nirvana.
    6. Screen, Sound, and Mic quality are awesome

    1. Since it winters in India now, some people might not like that it doesn’t heat up the surroundings
    2. For longer workloads – like if you are doing daily large video compressions/conversions and that takes like 15-20 minutes, then this machine will not work as fast as Pro; as that’s not the load it’s optimized for. But ask yourself – whether you are gonna do that at all.
    3. Camera is 720p and that sucks about every other laptop as well. But Apple has brought some software optimizations which will make it look better
    4. It doesn’t make the sound of a fan, so you might feel asleep if you are used to that to keep track of your ML jobs.

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