Avalon SailSelect

SailSelect objective is to create as many multiple sail set polars as there are sails on board from a single composite polar and a table detailing the most efficient sail set for every TWS (wind speed) and TWA (wind angle). Advantage of having one polar curve per sail set is to get a clear summary of sail set usage during the regatta/cruise and to get the recommended sail for every route point. 

To achieve this, you have to provide to the system:

  • Your composite polar under a csv format. A template is available below. (decimal point and comma separators)
  • A SailSelect table (also under csv format) listing your preferred sail per TWS and TWA. A template is also available below.

You can use as many !or as few) TWS and TWA as required. Templates are only provided as examples.

TWS and TWA are very flexible. You can use variable steps.

Then download the SailSelect template. TWS and TWA re also very flexible.

Once the 2 files are ready, please continue to the compute page below…