As most of the wheter routing and navigation systems provide basic functions, we have listed below the advanced features that are key for a complete and powerful system.

You can use this checklist to compare Avalon Offshore to your system or the one you are planning to purchase.

Do my navigation system ...

have automatic weather sources removing the need for traditional gribs and drastically reducing my transmission time and costs ?

compare optimized route with shortest distance route

to maximize sailing time and minimize motoring time and cost?  

produce a meaningful summary of the planned cruise

to decide if I can leave the harbor safely ? 

have an Easy Routing module

to calculate very easily the first passages ?

(very useful for beginners)

have an automatic waypoint positioning facility

to avoid positionning them manually on the map ?

include a real VPP (polar) calculator to get very precise velocity prediction for my boat, 

integrating her characteristics and my planned regatta or cruise ?

give me the choice between over 450 boat polars ?

(but it is always better to use Avalon VPP)

calculate and display heeling angle and reefing

for every route point ?

(Version 3.6 onwards)

include a real mixed routing (sailing + motoring) engine

indicating the heading to the next waypoint or arrival when motoring ?

provide me with a detailed weather bulletin

synchronized with my cruise ? 

include a  weather source optimized for Iridium to reduce

my satellite communications costs ?

warn me in case of collision risk at sea (AIS) ?

have a nautical cartography permanently installed on the tablet 

and available at any time ?

enable me to use Navionics maps in navigation ?

(available for the Paris Nautic show in December 2018)

have a built-in anchoring alarm (area and depth) ?

(no need to install another app)

enable my to start my regatta within the second ?

(no need to buy another app)

is well rated by the users ?

is sold at a very affordable price given its quality and completeness ?



rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play

€ 40 + tax (one time purchase)

€ 20 + taxes yearly subscription (optional)

2018 prices



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