a complete app
One single integrated App
Weather Routing
Nautical Maps
Weather Forecast
Anchoring Alarm
Racing Module
NMEA, AIS, etc
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Easy Routing
Easy Routing
Select departure harbor,
arrival harbor,
departure date
and compute route !
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Automatic Waypoints
Automatic positioning of waypoints
Place start and arrival points
Tap on WP icon
Tap on isochron icon
Optionnaly tune some settings
Compute route
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Route points
Complete info on route points
Wind (TWS and TWD) and gust
True WInd Angle
Best sail set
Heeling and Reefing *

* For polars computed with Avalon VPP
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Passage SYnthesis
Precise passage summary
Comparaison between optimised and minimum distance route
Point of sail
Sea status
Wind status
Total duration
o/w sailing and motoring
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Standard polars
450 + pre registered boats
Load your own VPP
or pick one pre-registered boat
or better .....
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Customized VPP (Velocity Prediction Polars)
Customized VPP (Velocity Prediction Polar)
Compute your customized VPP adapted to:
- your specific boat characteristics
- your sail sets
- your way of sailing
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VPP editor
VPP Editor
Fine tuning of your VPP
Fix a maximum TWS by sail set
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Raster Maps
Raster Maps
Public maps (free): USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina
Private maps: tif, kap and mbtiles
UKHO derived packs of maps
SHOM derived packs of maps
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Navionics maps
Navionics Compatible
WIth your active subscription to Boating HD
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33 automatic weather sources
33 automatic weather sources
Wind and gust
Tidal currents (forecast)
Waves (swell and wind waves)
General weather info:
Cloud covarage
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Optimized for Iridium
Less than 55 KB
approx transmission time: 5 min 30 sec for:
- 80 degrees of Latitude
- 40 degrees of longitude
- 1 degree granularity
- every 3 hours
- during 72 hours
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other features
Other key features
Collision Alarm (AIS)
Racing module
- Regatta start
- Wind tuning
- Impact of waves on VPP
- Crossed sea detection
- Improved powerful routing algorithm
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