Plan your route like the pros and make the most of your sailboat!

Navigate safely

  • Automatically select the best weather models.

  • Download the latest weather easily with up to 95% weather data reduction.

  • Anticipate the risk of thunderstorms

  • Anticipate the risk of collision with boats equipped with an AIS transmitter

  • Simply determine your best departure time with the “Best departure calculation” function

Thanks to an extremely powerful calculation engine

The power of the Avalon routing engine has unparalleled performance on tablets allowing:

  • Never miss the best route thanks to an exploration angle of 220 degrees on tablet (270 degrees on MacBook)

  • A quick comparison between multiple routes, weather patterns, boat performance and crew experience.

  • Use standard speed polars, calculate them to customize them to your boat or capture them at sea.

And have more fun sailing!

  • Compare the direct route with the optimized route for a significant reduction in motoring hours

  • Take to the sea in the best weather conditions for your boat and your crew: sails, heel and reefs (2), sea state, speeds, etc…

Join thousands of yachtsmen and great sailors!

Is Avalon Offshore the best Weather Routing and Navigation App on a tablet ?