Hybrid routing with TWS limit, improved route view, POI entry in batch, … in version 5.5.1

Version 5.5.1 brings the following improvements:

  • Better display of the calculated route
  • Possibility to add a TWS limit when calculating hybrid routes (mix sailing and motoring)
  • Insertion of POI in batches via Avalon Cloud
  • Export calculated route via csv (was only via GPX previously)
  • Waypoint transformation (gate to circular zone and reverse)

Improved display of the calculated route

We have added an automatic zooming capability so that It is always possible to vizualize the full route, even for long passages (see example below on a transatlantic cruise). This applies to wind barbs and route markers.

It is then possible to zoom on a specific part of the route to get more details.

Wind TWS limit in hybrid (sail and motor) routing

A routing algorythm always targets at minimizing the cruise duration. When the engine is enabled, it may switch on to gain a couple of minutes even when there is a sound sailing possibility. 

This is why we have added a TWS limit: “use engine when TWS below” so that you are now able to switch on the engine when:

  • The boat speed is too low (in terms of VMC to target
  • And/or the WInd TWS is below a given value.

Loading POIs (Points of Interrest) in batch

Some users told us that it is difficult to enter lat and lon of POI on the tablet, espacially when you need to enter all the regatta buoys that are most often used in your navigation area.

With version 5.5.1, we have added the possibility to enter the names, latitudes and longitudes of all your POI using a spreadsheet csv format.

  • Go to your Avalon Cloud space on the web
  • Download our POI template
  • Add all your POIs and save the file as a csv
  • Upload the file onto your Avalon Cloud web space
  • At next synchronisation of Avalon Offshore, your POIs will be downloaded on the tablet. 

Export calculated route as a csv file

So far, it was only possible to export the route as a GPX. 

Our users requested the possibility to download the route as csv to be able to share it with their crew members.

To do that, please go to the “folder” icon in the routing module and click on “Export route to csv”.

Change waypoint type from gate to circle and reverse

We can now change a waypoint type from “gate” to “circle” and reverse without having to delete and create the waypoint again.

To do this click on the POI to display its location and click on the location data to access the waypoint parameters. You can the change the waypoint type.


Good sailing with Avalon !


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