My tablet has no built-in GPS (e.g. iPad Wifi only devices). Can I use it when at sea ?

From Version 3.6 onwards, it is possible to use a non-cellular (i.e; without a GPS chip) iPad in navigation and still be able to display your boat position. You have just to use another (cheap) tablet or phone as a GPS repeater. The repeater can be an iOS or an Android device with Avalon Offshore.

  • The 2 devices should be connected to the on board wifi router.
  • Avalon Offshore needs to be able to “always” access the GPS in the settings of the device that is sharing the GPS (Apple only)
  • On your “GPS” device, you need to go to the navigation screen settings and activate “Repeat GPS/AIS/NMEA over UDP”.
  • On your “navigation” device, you need to set AIS/EMEA to on, “use GPS tablet” to offa nd the network settings to “UDP” and port=2000


This function has several advantages:

  • Cost savings: No need to buy a cellular iPad (100 € over the non cellular one)
  • Battery savings: Using GPS on  Cellular iPad unload quickly the battery.
  • If your wifi router only supports TCP and therefore accepts only one device at a time, this solution will enable to connect several devices to the repeater as this repeater will broadcast GPS, AIS and NMEA data in UDP mode.