Many skippers navigate towards the same way points: regatta buoys, capes, beacons, nice bays, etc….when cruising or during regattas.

For the racers, a regatta is often defined by the a selection of the same buoys, in different order.

It is possible to pre register those waypoints in the navigation module of Avalon. But it caan become fastidious if you have many of thos points to register.


The function “Add you POIs” enables you to enter all or part of your POIs in one shot.

You need to enter them in our POI template that you gan download by clicking on the button below. You can share this POI file with members of your sailing yacht club and your friends.

The file has to be in csv formt with decimal point and comma as separators.

The POI data has to be:

  • In decimal degrees
  • or in degrees and decimal minutes
Use negative figures for southern latitudes and eastern longitudes.

When your file is ready, please click on the button below to upload it.

When done, you have to synchronise the app with your Avalon Clous space to transfer your POIs to Avalon Offshore.