When it comes to boat velocity prediction, the “One Size Fits All” concept does not work.

Avalon VPP is able to calculate precise velocity predictions for your boat. It takes into consideration your boat precise characteristics (additional displacement, propellor type, sail type, etc …) as well as your sailings habits (maximum healing, number of crew, etc.…). Another advantage of using polars calculated with Avalon VPP is that you will then get the forecasted healing and reefing for every route point.

The best weather router on a tablet ?

Avalon VPP Video Tutorial

  • This system is a real VPP, based on the equilibrium of aerodynamical and hydraulic forces for a pre defined set of TWS (True Wind Speed) and TWA (True WInd Angle).
  • Given the complexity of those calculations, it make take up to 30 seconds to produce a set of VPPs. This may increase in case of strong demand. If this happens, we will improve our process to calculate the polars.
  • There are about 250 pre-loaded boats that can be used as models. If you do not find your boat in this list, you can pick any other one, close to yours and then change the data and save it as your boat.
  • If you do not know the exact data for some fields, you can click on the related « default »
    button » and the field will be set to a defaulted value.
    Most of the missing but required information can be measured during the yearly
    careening of your boat (mostly for keel and rudder measurements).
  • As this is the first version of the system, it is possible that the system cannot find some results. If this happens, please notify us and we will investigate why the problem occured.

There are about 470 boat polars (VPP) in the database of polars of Avalon Router. We add polars on demand for the users of Avalon Offshore (mono hull boats).

Those polars are provided free of charge to Avalon Navigation users who are free to use them or not. They are not guaranteed.

If you have your own VPP file(s) you can load them into Avalon. Procedure is described in the users guide.

A 27Archambault
A 31Archambault
A 35Archambault
A 40RCArchambault
Achilles 9mButler Mouldings
Alberg 35Pearson
Allures 39.9Allures Yachting
Allures 44Allures Yachting
Aloa 27Aloa
Amel 54Amel
amel 55Amel
Amel 64Amel
Amphitrite 45 MSWauquiez
Aquavit 10m GTEMoinard
Aquila GTEJeanneau
Aquila PTEJeanneau
Attalia DLJeanneau
Baroudeur MK2Beneteau
Bavaria 32 GTEBavaria
Bavaria 32 PTEBavaria
Bavaria 34 GTEBavaria
Bavaria 35 Match GTEBavaria
Bavaria 36 GTEBavaria
Bavaria 38 1.7mBavaria
Bavaria 38 MatchBavaria
Bavaria 38 PTEBavaria
Bavaria 44 GTEBavaria
Bavaria 50 CruiserBavaria
Bavaria C45Bavaria
Bavaria Vision 42 GTEBavaria
Bavaria Vision 42 PTEBavaria
Beneteau 375Beneteau
Beneteau 50Beneteau
Beowulf 78SetSail
Berwick 31Westerly
Biloup 10Wrighton
Biloup 30Wrighton
Bowman 36 KetchBowman Yachts
Brin de FolieJeanneau
C&C 27 MK IC&C
C&C 34C&C
Cal 2-39Jensen Marine
Cal 2-46Jensen Marine
Catalina 36Catalina
Centurion 32Wauquiez
Centurion 42Wauquiez
Centurion 47Wauquiez
Challenger BravoCNA
Challenger HorizonCNA
Challenger MicroCNA
Class 40 2017VR
Class 40 2020VR
Class 40 V2 VLMVLM
Class 40 VLMVLM
Clipper 2015None
Clipper 2017VR
Columbia 50Columbia
Comet 36Comar Yachts
Contessa 32Rogers
Contessa 33Rogers
Contessa 35Rogers
Conway 36 KetchWesterly
Conway 36 sloopWesterly
Cyclades 39.3Beneteau
Cyclades 50Beneteau
Dehler 29Dehler
Dehler 32Dehler
Dehler 34 QDehler
Dehler 35Dehler
Dehler 36 cwsDehler
Dehler 38Dehler
Dehler 39Dehler
Django 9.80Maree Haute
Dufour 1800Dufour
Dufour 24Dufour
Dufour 27Dufour
Dufour 2800Dufour
Dufour 2800 GTEDufour
Dufour 31 GTEDufour
Dufour 310 GLDufour
Dufour 32 Classic GTEDufour
Dufour 32 Classic PTEDufour
Dufour 325Dufour
Dufour 335 GLDufour
Dufour 34Dufour
Dufour 34 E PerfDufour
Dufour 36 ClassicDufour
Dufour 36 GTEDufour
Dufour 360 GLDufour
Dufour 365 GLDufour
Dufour 375 GL GTEDufour
Dufour 38 ClassicDufour
Dufour 380 GLDufour
Dufour 3800Dufour
Dufour 382 GLDufour
Dufour 385 GLDufour
Dufour 405 GL GTEDufour
Dufour 410 GLDufour
Dufour 412 GLDufour
Dufour 425 GLDufour
Dufour 445 GLDufour
Dufour 45 E PerfDufour
Dufour 45 E Perf Grand MatDufour
Dufour 450 GLDufour
Dufour 455GLDufour
Edel 3Edel
Edel 4 DLEdel
Edel 600Edel
Elan 333 GTEElan Yachts
Elan 340Elan Yachts
Elan 40.1Elan Yachts
Elan 45Elan Yachts
Elan 450Elan Yachts
Erikson 29Erikson
Espace 1000Jeanneau
Espace 1100Jeanneau
Etap 20Etap
Etap 26Etap
Etap 28IEtap
Etap 32Etap
Etap 38iEtap
Express 37Alsberg
Fantasia QJeanneau
Farr 39Farr
Farr 40Farr
Feeling 1040 GTEKirie
Feeling 1090Kirie
Feeling 29 DIKirie
Feeling 32 DIKirie
Feeling 326 GTEKirie
Feeling 346 GTEKirie
Feeling 39DIKirie
Figaro 2Beneteau
Figaro 2 VLMVLM
Figaro 3Beneteau
Figaro3 2022Beneteau
Figaro3 2022 FOILSBeneteau
First 18QRBeneteau
First 21.7Beneteau
First 210Beneteau
First 24 SeascapeBeneteau
First 25Beneteau
First 25.7 QBeneteau
First 27 GTEBeneteau
First 27 SpiBeneteau
First 27.7 Spi AsyBeneteau
First 28Beneteau
First 285 GTEBeneteau
First 29Beneteau
First 30Beneteau
First 30 MauricBeneteau
First 305 GTEBeneteau
First 31.7Beneteau
First 310 GTEBeneteau
First 325 GTEBeneteau
First 325 PTEBeneteau
First 345 GTEBeneteau
First 36.7Beneteau
First 40 RacingBeneteau
First 40.7 GTEBeneteau
First 405 SBeneteau
First 405 S GTEBeneteau
First 45Beneteau
First 45F5Beneteau
First 47.7Beneteau
First Class 10Beneteau
First Class 7.5Beneteau
First Class 8Beneteau
Flush PokerGibert Marine
Fugue 11 DLSapo
Gib’sea 105Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 105 PlusGibert Marine
Gib’sea 24Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 28Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 302Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 362 DIGibert Marine
Gib’Sea 372 PTEGibert Marine
Gib’sea 414Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 76Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 80 plusGibert Marine
Gib’sea 84Gibert Marine
Gib’sea 96Gibert Marine
Grand Soleil 37Grand Soleil
Grand Soleil 43 BC CruiserDel Pardo
Grand Soleil 45Grand Soleil
Grand Soleil 50Grand Soleil
Grand SurpriseArchambault
Gulfstar 44Gulfstar
Gulfstar 50Gulfstar
Hanse 415Hanse
Hanse 430Hanse
Hanse 445Hanse
Harmony 38Harmony Yachts
hinckley 50Hinckley
hobie 33Hobie Cat
Hood 52Hood
HR 36Hallberg Rassy
HR 372Hallberg Rassy
HR 382Hallberg Rassy
Hunter 25Hunter
Hunter 26Hunter
Hunter 375Hunter
Hustler 30Tyler Yachts
Imoca 2008 VLMVLM
Imoca 2015 VLMVLM
Imoca 2018 VRVR
Imoca 60None
Imoca 60 2016None
Imoca 60 2020VR
Imoca foils 2022None
Irwin 54Irwin
J 92JBoats
J92J Composites
Jod 35Jeanneau
Jouet 1040Yachting France
Jouet 24 GTEYachting France
Jouet 920 MK2 QYachting France
Kelt 707 QKelt Marine
Kelt 760 DLKelt Marine
Kelt 8m GTEKelt Marine
Kelt 9m QKelt Marine
Lagoon 380Lagoon
Lagoon 400Lagoon
Lagoon 421Lagoon
Lagoon 45Lagoon
Legend 33Hunter
Leopard 47Leopard
LM 27LM Glasfiber
LM 30LM Glasfiber
Love LoveJeanneau
M134 VPPCustom
Macif 2018VR
Malango 888IDB Marine
Mallard 9MMallard
Maxi Trimaran 2017VR
Maxi Trimaran JV 2018VR
Maxicata VLMVLM
MG 335Northshore Yachts
Mini 6.5None
Mini 6.50 2017VR
MOD 70None
Mono 650 VLMVLM
Moody 29Moody yachts
Moody 33SMoody yachts
Moody 346Moody yachts
Moody 36 CCMoody yachts
Moody 376Moody yachts
Moody 425Moody yachts
Moody S38Moody yachts
Morgan 41Morgan
Motor BoatAll motor boats
Multi 50VR
Mumm/Farr 30Caroll Marine
Mystery 35Cornish_Crabber
Nauticat 43Nauticat
Nautitech 44Nautitech
NE Quid NimisSoubise Plaisance
Newport 41Capital Yachts
Oceanis 281Beneteau
Oceanis 31 GTEBeneteau
Oceanis 311Beneteau
Oceanis 323Beneteau
Oceanis 323 Gen+SpiBeneteau
Oceanis 34Beneteau
Oceanis 343Beneteau
Oceanis 35Beneteau
Oceanis 350Beneteau
Oceanis 36 CCBeneteau
Oceanis 361Beneteau
Oceanis 37 GTEBeneteau
Oceanis 38Beneteau
Oceanis 38.1Beneteau
Oceanis 393Beneteau
Oceanis 40Beneteau
Oceanis 41Beneteau
Oceanis 411 ClipperBeneteau
Oceanis 42 CCBeneteau
Oceanis 423Beneteau
Oceanis 423 PerformanceBeneteau
Oceanis 43Beneteau
Oceanis 45Beneteau
Oceanis 46Beneteau
Oceanis 46.1Beneteau
Oceanis 461Beneteau
Oceanis 473Beneteau
Oceanis 473 PerfBeneteau
Oceanis 48Beneteau
Oceanis 55Beneteau
Outremer 51Outremer
Ovni 28Alubat
Ovni 30Alubat
Ovni 33Alubat
Ovni 385Alubat
Ovni 395Alubat
Ovni 43Alubat
Ovni 445Alubat
Parker 275Parker Yachts
Passport 41Passport
Pearson 33-2Pearson
Pearson 40Pearson Yachts
Pogo 36Structures
Pogo 40 TerangaStructures
Pogo 8.50Structures
Pogo(2) 6.50Structures
Ranger 37Ranger Yachts
Rating Group 10FFV Osiris
Rating Group 11FFV Osiris
Rating Group 12FFV Osiris
Rating Group 13FFV Osiris
Rating Group 14FFV Osiris
Rating Group 15FFV Osiris
Rating Group 16FFV Osiris
Rating Group 16.5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 17.5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 18FFV Osiris
Rating Group 19FFV Osiris
Rating Group 19.5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 20FFV Osiris
Rating Group 20.5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 21FFV Osiris
Rating Group 21.5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 3FFV Osiris
Rating Group 4FFV Osiris
Rating Group 5FFV Osiris
Rating Group 8FFV Osiris
Rating Group 9FFV Osiris
Record PacificVR
RM 1060RM Yachts
RM 1270 BiquilleRM Yachts
RM890QRM Yachts
Rustler 36Rustler
Sabre 362Sabre Yachts
Sabre 402Sabre Yachts
Salona 33Salona Yachts
Santa Cruz 70Santa Cruz Yachts
Santana 35W.D. Schock Corp
Scanmar 33Scanmar
Schock 35W.D. Schock Corp
Selection 37Jeanneau
Shannon 38Shannon Yachts
Shipman 50Shipman
Sigma 362Sigma
Sigma 38Moody yachts
Snapdragon 24Thames
Sodebo UltimNone
Southerly 47Southerly
Sparkman and Stephens 34Sparkman and Stephens
Spindrift 2 VRVR
Sprint 95Archambault
Starlight 35Sadler/Starlight Rival Bowman
Starlight 35 deep finSadler/Starlight Rival Bowman
Storm 33Westerly
Sun Charm 39Jeanneau
Sun Dance 36 GTEJeanneau
Sun Fast 20Jeanneau
Sun Fast 32 GTEJeanneau
Sun Fast 3200Jeanneau
Sun Fast 3300Jeanneau
Sun Fast 3300 SailSelectJeanneau
Sun Fast 3600Jeanneau
Sun Fast 3600 SailSelectJeanneau
Sun Legende 41Jeanneau
Sun LibertyJeanneau
Sun light 30Jeanneau
Sun Odyssey 33 I PerfJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 33 QJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 33.1Jeanneau
Sun Odyssey 33IJeanneau
SUn Odyssey 34.2 GTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 349 QRJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 35 DerJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 35 QJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 36 GTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 36 PTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 36.2 pt matJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 379 GTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 379 PTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 389 DLJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 40 DSJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 42iJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 42I PerfJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 43 GTEJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 449Jeanneau
Sun Odyssey 44iJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 45 DSJeanneau
Sun Odyssey 45.2Jeanneau
Sun Odyssey 469Jeanneau
Sun Odyssey 54 DSJeanneau
Sun Rise 34 QJeanneau
Sun Shine 36 QJeanneau
Sunshine 38 QJeanneau
Super Maramu 2000Amel
Swan 391Nautor
Swan 43 HollandNautor
Swan 43 S&SNautor
Swan 45Nautor
Swan 46Nautor
Swan 60Nautor
Symphonie QJeanneau
Tartan 37Tartan
Tayana 37Ta Yang Yachts
Tayana 42Ta Yang Yachts
Tayana 52Ta Yang Yachts
Test SailSelect PogoStructures
Transpac 52 VLMVLM
Trapper 400Trapper
Trident 80Neptune
TS 42Marsaudon Composites
TS5Marsaudon Composites
Ultim V2 2022 RDRVR
Vancouver 27Northshore Yachts
Vega 27Albin
VOR 65Farr
VOR 65 Dec 2017VR
Voyage 12.5Jeanneau
VR Ultime RhumVR
X 332X-Yachts
X 34X-Yachts
X 37X-Yachts
X 43X-Yachts
X 442X-Yachts