Avalon Offshore (2023 prices incl. 20% VAT)

Avalon Offshore (licence)

Permanent use including updates

65 €

APurchase on Apple Store or Google Play Store

Premium Subscription Option

1 year subscription with automatic renewal. Subscription cancellation via Apple or Google account.

30 €


Subscription via in-app purchase

Pack of SHOM maps (quilted)

Permanent use with 1 year updates

105 €


In-app purchase

Pack of SHOM maps (quilted) 

                 (not ready yet) 

1 year usage right., manually renewable

35 €

Purchase via Avalon Store in your Avalon Cloud space

(not ready yet)

Pack of UKHO maps  (quilted)

1 year usage right., manually renewable

35 €

In-appp purchase (standard pack = 35 €, UKI = 45  €, Lesser Antillas = 105€)

Racing Option

Validity until year end 2024. Planned: permanent validity for 20 € (one time charge)

10 € (1 yr)

20 € (3 yr)

Via Avalon e-shop here


Free use within Avalon for active Navionics Boating subscribers

Augmented Reality Glasses

Avalon does not sell Engo AR Glasses. Please click on AR Glasses button below.