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    1. does the map weather cover EGYPT RED SEA area ? and for how long days does the forecast for weather cover ? like forecast for 2 or 3 days ahead ? or i need update it daily ?

      1. philippe joret

        Yes, there are less models available for Egype as we have for Western Europe or USA, but we have the NOAA GFS model.
        It covers the world with a granularity of 0.25 degree (approx 12 km) and includes almost 400 hours of forecast (14 days)
        It includes wind and gust, temperature, rain, clours, thunderstorms, etc
        It is updated 4 times a day.
        You can find mode information on production times here:

    1. philippe joret

      Yes we have signed a licence agreement to integrate Admiralty charts into Avalon. We are starting with UK, Croatia, Spain and Portugal.
      We have also added the mega quilted charts from the NOAA. Those are free. Their quality and precision and really great. We will use the same technology to integrate UKHO charts.


    1. philippe joret

      Not yet but I can add it.
      Please note that this polar will only be available within Avalon.
      Once you have confirmed that you are an Avalon Offshore user, I will calculate and add this polar.

      1. Andreas Steffen

        Hi Phil, i’m a Avalon offshore User V3.0.1. My Premium ends at 2018/04/28. I’ll use it first time in a few days in a race.
        And how can i add more than 1 waypoint?
        Thank you! A

        1. philippe joret

          Hi Andreas,

          I will calculate and add the First 47.7 tomorrow so that you have it for the race.
          Please feel free to send us a picture of your boat if you want that we illustrate our polar database with it.

          Do you need the racing option for the race ? It is free in 2017 and will help you manage the start. If yes, there is a doc on how to get access to the racing version here: https://www.avalon-routing.com/new/documents/users-guide/

          To add a second waypoint (and a third, a fourth, etc, etc), just tap on the blue line between the start and the first waypoint or the first waypoint and the arrival.
          You can create as many as you need with different parameters on each of them.

          I let you know when the 47.7 is ready.

          Good regatta,

          1. Andreas Steffen

            ..sounds great Phil.
            I got this waypoints and i created an Account with my mail adress. Do you need my Id-nr as well?

            And i’ll send a picture of my 47.7 to the devt mail, maybe it’s ok..

            Many Thanks!!

          2. philippe joret

            I got the picture… very nice boat… thanks
            To validate you on the racing option, I need the id that you created when you connected to Avalon Cloud.

  1. Hi Phil, thank you for the 47.7 polar, looks very good….

    But the App makes trouble. If i load a saved route or use an old route, the app freezes in the computing window. And i have to delete the App and Start again!? Do you have an idea?

    Regards. Andreas

    1. philippe joret

      This can happen when you use routes that have been saved with an older version of Avalon, as saved route parameters have evolved over time.
      Please make sure that you are always using the latest Avalon version (now 3.0.1) and that should ensure consistency between saved routes.
      Another suggestion is to save your routes (calculated or navigation) on our server using the Avalon Cloud facility. This can also be use to share routes between tablets or even between friends.

  2. Hello Phil, do you have the polar files of an RM 1200/Fora marine? I am thinking of starting with Avalon …

    1. philippe joret

      Hi Christian,

      You will get much better results if you calculate the vpp by yourself using our Avalon VPP system as they will be customized to your boat setup.
      Please see the tab VPP on this site. There is also a video tutorial.

      However, il you prefer, we can calculate and add to our library a standard VPP file for the RM 1270


    1. philippe joret

      Should we load them in the standard library or as a model in Avalon VPP ?`
      The 2 options are possible but Avalon VPP is better as you can customize them as needed.

      Which sailsets do you need ?

  3. Hi,
    I use Avalon offshre on 2 iPads with the same apple id. I have a subscriptet navionics app. On 1 ipad it‘s not a probleme to login to navionics, and down load the navionics charts. On the second iPad I have no chance to login to navionics. What can I do?

    1. philippe joret

      I also have a Navionics (demo) account and I could login from both my iPad and my iPhone from Avalon.
      Avalon is just acting as a gateway. There is no limitation in our app on the number of devices that could use Navionics.

      Can you contact the Navionics support and let us know ?

  4. I am trying to use your VPP calculations to see the theoretical impact of a folding prop, a larger headsail and/or main sail.
    I am probably doing something wrong but I seem to get the exact same “polars” every time.
    My boat is a 2002 Beneteau 361 with in mast main furling.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    1. philippe joret

      I have not got your screenshots so I did some tests on the Oceanis 361.
      The systems seems to work ok. Maybe a problem of cache with your browser. Did you save your parameters before computing a new hypothesis ?

      Here is what I got:
      Case 1: fixed propellor
      Standard main sail + genoa, fixed blades propellor

      Case 2: fold blades
      Standard main sail + genoa, fold blades propellor

      Case 3: Main sail + 5 square meters, standard genoa, fold blades
      main sail + 5 sq meters, standard genoa, fold blades propellor

      1. Thank you for your quick response.
        I don’t know what was going on but I am now also able to see some small differences on the graph.
        Is there a way to get a table similar to the one you used in your answer?

        My main interest was to see the theoretical effect of a larger genoa (135% to 155%) when sailing in the 105-180 TWA range. Does your model consider using a whisker poll in this high TWA range? or is it possible to add this input?

        Thanks again for your help,
        I will use your product during a 250 nm passage next week.


        1. philippe joret

          We do not provide the data in a table format for obvious competitive reasons…. but it is exactly the same data that you will get in Avalon.
          But if you download the set of VPPs that you need to analyze in Avalon itself (please refer to our doc or our video tutorial to see how to do this… it is pretty simple), you just need to go to the settings of the selected polar and display the exact value for a given twa and tws. You will then get exactly the same data that I showed on the tables. Much more precise than the graphs on the web site.
          I think this will enable you to complete your analyses.


  5. Hello I would be interested in purchasing the VPP for the Micro Challenger 2000 but I don’t know if it is available in your database.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. philippe joret

      Yes, we have in our library of standard polars the Micro Challenger, the Bravo Challenger and the Horizon Challenger.
      But those VPPs are not for sale. They are provided free of charge to Avalon Offshore users.

      As an alternative, you can calculate them using our Avalon VPP tool that you can access on our site. There is also a documentation and a video available. It will give you a good idea of your VPP.

      As a second alternative, if you are using another weather routing system, you may consider asking this VPP from the provider of your weather routing system.

      Best regards,

  6. colin campbell

    I have got set up with the Avalon VPP polars for our Ovni395 for main/genoa, assymetric spinnaker and symetric spinnaker. I would like to add the polar for main & standard staysail (17m2 jib) as well.
    How could I do that please?

    1. philippe joret

      This is very simple. You can create as many frontsail as required.
      You can have a genoa and a staysail. You just need to replace the dimensions of the genoa with those of the staysail.
      When you compute the staysail, you will get a new code. You have to remember that this code corresponds to the staysail.
      When you add this sail into avalon using the code, please name it as “staysail”
      I also recommend that you fix a maximum TWS for the Genoa so that Avalon will select the staysail as the sail to use when the wind conditions require the staysail.

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