I have been using AVALON for over 5 years.

Wishing to race the Transquadra 2021, I approached the developers of this software to ask them for specific adaptations to offshore navigation.

The current version meets my expectations perfectly, and offers all the possibilities and subtleties necessary for navigation both offshore and coastal, both racing and cruising.

I make full use of the possibilities of the multiscenario which allows real quick decision-making and I particularly appreciate the possibility of visualizing the isobars, the only guarantee of a good understanding of the evolution of weather situations.

The speed of file acquisition by iridium makes it an extremely responsive tool. The tablet format is very practical.

I recommend this software.

Bernard MALLARET., Skipper Euro-voiles 2d 2nd stage Transquadra double-handed 2022.

Hello Philippe and thank you for your message. We had to contact you to thank you. AVALON worked very well. How easy it is to use once you get the hang of it. The speed of loading for a 48 or 72 hour routing is incredible.

We noticed that the NOAA 1 degree files were almost systematically below reality. (20-22 knots forecast and 28-30 knots observed.). (Editor’s note: the wind strength must be increased by 25% in the Avalon race settings)

AVALON is really good. It is a great tool for skippers. I will contact you between February 22 and 27 to debrief all this on the phone. In the meantime take care of yourself. Sincerely.

Benoît DAVID, Skipper of the Sun Fast 3200 “Walking on Water”

The best router I have tested! Very relevant, very fast and easy to use. Within reach of cruise passengers and sailors alike. Customizable integration of polars and possibility to use Boating-Navionics+ if you have a valid license. Courses and support provided by very responsive developers if necessary. The premium option is a real plus. What Else…

Nav Crotoy. Review published on Google Play in June 2020

Thank you Philippe for this information I continue to progress with Avalon I find this software really interesting in addition to other software the analyzes are relevant and precise

Congratulations to the AVALON crew for their development


Lalou Roucayrol (Team Arkema)

To date, I find your system extremely effective for tablets and mobiles and an undeniable great competitor to other systems with an unbeatable value for money. In addition, the loading speed of the winds makes it a formidable tool.

I’m giving you a hell of a pub because you deserve it.


Lionel Pean (SFS 2)

From an Australian skipper

Hi there,

a couple of days ago I bought a licence for your Avalon Offshore app for our iPad mini. I already have had many hours of fun, exploring most of the features of this software. My compliments to all people involved in creating this remarkable tool – a great product.

Keep up the good work

Best regards, Georg

Good weather on March 23 to go cycling on the Ile d’Yeu
I ask Avalon to give me an optimal route with the best departure time to do Le Crouesty in Yeu.
The classic 53-mile route is to go straight on heading 153° leaving Houat and Hoëdic in the west, passing the Loire estuary, etc…
Avalon offers me to take the passage of Béniguet to take advantage of the ebb current then let me be deported to the west before returning effortlessly to Yeu by the flood current. Permanently asymmetrical spinnaker. Starboard tack first with the WNW wind then after 5 hours port tack with the wind shift to NNW. The France Arome weather model was used very well.
Without any help from a waypoint Avalon traced a longer exact route with its 59 Miles but faster thanks to the current and the wind. Especially going through this narrow passage of Béniguet.

Francis Courteaux

I installed Avalon Full with the option that includes currents on an Asus Android 4.2.2 tablet.
The handling is easy, and by mail contact the answers to the questions are very fast.
We therefore tested during the weekend of the ascent, a Cherbourg Guernsey St Peter trip, on a Dufour 425 of which we knew nothing.
Avalon gave us the best start with a promise of 6h15 with the majority of broad NE winds, set without a spinnaker (the boat doesn’t have one).
We were skeptical when it came to the arrival time…and we took 6 hours pontoon to pontoon, tangling the Gennaker downwind, less wide reach because rounded under Alderney to avoid the Banc de la Schôle.
Promises kept!

Viesurlo (member of the Hisse et Oh forum)

Excellent !

Very interesting software. Exceptional designer responsiveness. A must have that will obviously improve with each release.

Innovative ergonomics. The premium offer is top and inexpensive.

Philippe L. (comment published on Google Play)

great app

Finally, a high-performance and easy-to-use router within the reach of boaters and all for a modest price, even 0€ for the equally efficient 24-hour version.

This is “La route du rhum” for all sailors (-!!.(( To recommend without hesitation.

Francis J. (comment posted on Google Play