Avalon Offshore divides by up to 95% your data transmission time via sattelite (Iridium , Inmarsat, etc)

New weather data compression algorithm

Version 3.7 for Android and 3.7.1 for iOS are now available on Google Play and AppStore.  Of course you can upgrade your existing version to this new one free of charge.

We added a  very efficient weather data compression to those new versions. Thus, we have decreased by 6 the volume of transmitted data versus the traditional method (grib files received via Saildocs).

Below is a file transfer comparizon between  direct importation of winds into Avalon Offshore vs the traditional way. On a transatlantic passage, we get for the navigation area shown below, for NOAA GFS 1 degree wind data (TWS, TWD and gust), every 3 hours:


Saildocs (including 30% overhead due to email transmission) Avalon Offshore Transmission time reduction factor
For 3 days 347 K 56 K 6.2
For 10 days 1116 K 175 K idem

Avalon decreases Iridium transmission time by 6 times and become the the best weather routing software for transoceanic passages.
This facility gives you a complete overview of the winds on the full passage. You do not have to limit yourself anymore to a small area, just to save transmission time.

On high definition sources such as Meteo France Arpege, DWD Icon or NAM, volume trduction can reach 95% off !


Avalon Offshore for Android

We have brought Avalon Offshore for Android to the same level as the iOS Version:

    •  We now display heeling and reefing on every route point calculated with Avalon VPP polars. (up to 30 knots)
    • Importing customized VPPs is done more easily from the application itself by entering a 8 digit code for every sailset. The imported file includes boat speed, reefing and heeling data.
    • help screen is available in the routing, navigation and weather screens.
    • We added a repeater function. You can now use the GPS data provided by an old phone (Android or Apple) on a tablet that has no GPS chip. This facility will also work with AIS and NMEA data.
    • Version is Navionics compatible. You can use your Navionics maps (Marine and Lakes) within Avalon, provided that you have an active subscription to Navionics.
    • Following packs of maps have been added:
      • Lesser Antillas pack including about 120 maps from UKHO, SHOM and NOAA. See details here.
      • 12 Maxi Maps derived from SHOM covering French regions (+ French Antillas) and regrouping a large map (about 1/300 000), a regional map (about 1/150 000) and all the coastal, harbors and anchoring maps included in the regional  maps, i.e. from 15 to 50 maps per pack. Those packs are sold for 40 € + taxes (permanent use with 1 year updates).   See details here).



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