Version 3.6 for iOS is now available on the AppStore

Avalon Offshore pour iOS Version 3.6 has been released and is now available in the AppStore. You can update your version on iPad/iPhone.

This version brings improvements that reenforce innovation leadership of Avalon Offshore in the navigation software area.

  • Displays heeling and reefing on every route point. This assumes that your polars have been calculated with Avalon VPP. Please note that this data is computed based on gust and not on established TWS. In the following example and with gust at 29 kts,the boat will have a 24 degree heel angle with 74% of its Main Sail + Genoa. 

  • Avalon VPP has been improved. A 8 digit code is associated to every VPP you have computed. Within Avalon, you can then import a sailset by entering this code. You can calculate and store as many sailsets as needed on our servers. If some data need to be modified,you can then use our VPP editor within Avalon Offshore (see below)

  • You can now fix a maximum TWS value per sailset so that you can decide not to use your spinnaker above a certain TWS value for example.
  • You can now use Avalon in navigation on a non cellular (i.e. without a built-in GPS)  iPad and display your boat, other boats position (AIS) as well as other NMEA data. To so that, you can connect your iPad to another iPhone (and soon Android)  equipped with Avalon. This second device be used as a repeater to send GPS,  AIS and other NMEA data to your main iPad. If you need to renew your iPad, there is no more need to buy a cellular iPad and thus saving money.
  • New mix routing (sailing + motoring) algorithm. We remind you that, in such a case, Avalon always gives you the right motoring heading (to next waypoint or arrival).
  • We have added offline help screens in the main modules: Routing, Navigation and weather. Just tap on the new “question mark” icon.
  • Lesser Antillas: Version 3.6 is enabled to load this new pack of maps that should be released this week.

We have also added a new “benchmark” page on our web site to enable you to compare your navigation software to Avalon Offshore (click here).

Version 3.6 for Android is delayed by a few weeks as we have to complete important developments before the next boat show in Paris beginning of December. 

Good sailing,




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