Version 3.7.4 for iOS is released

V3.7.4 is now available on the AppStore. This version solves the compatibilty issue with iOS 9 and 10 that has been introduced by the new development tool from Apple (xCode 10).

We took the opportunity given by this corrective version to upgrade the Weather menu in order to give you a much better view of the weather condistions that you will have during your cruise.

  • Added a meteogram to view how the weather evolves as your boat is progressing. (see screen capture below).
  • Added a “download” icon to refresh tha meteo without having to calculate a route. This capability was already there in the settings (gearbox) menu, but few users knew it.
  • On top you can create now a meteogram centered on any point at sea or at ground. To do this you just have to:
    • long tap on the place where you want to get a meteogram
    • Tune the rectangle to select the weather area  to get downloaded (long tap on the corner of the rectangle and slide)
    • Tap on the “down arrow” icon to download the weather data for your selected area.
    • Use the arrow and/or the slide bar to see the weather across time.

We are also redefining our UKHO derived packs. Objective is to propose you larger packs at better terms and conditions.

To answer a request from several users, we have created a quick start guide. You can get it here.:Avalon Offshore Support Guides

Good sailing


PS: Of course, the improvements made to the weather menu will be implemented on Android in a couple of weeks.


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