Version 3.8.3 for iOS has been published on the AppStore


This version brings the following improvements:

  • As already done on Android, a new summary screen presenting all AIS targets sorted by distance with multi criteria filters. The collision risk alarm can be deactivated at target level. (useful when sailing in a flotilla).
  • Automation of the connection between Avalon Offshore and an Iridium Go. Below are a couple of screenshots to explain the new process:

An “Iridium Go” icon appears when the Iridium connection mode is selected at the bottom of the main screen.

Tapping on the Iridium Go icon will display the Iridium connection settings:

Once connected, process the route calculation as usual. Requested data will be automatically downloaded after the size of the requested file has been displayed for your approval. It is of course highly recommended to select one of the 2 following wind sources:

  • NOAA GFS 1 Deg Iridium” during transoceanic passages.
  • Meteo France Arpege 0.1 degree if you are sailing in Europe

We are ready to make more wind sources “Iridium Ready”, such as the NAM (North American Mesoscale)  for exemple to cover better the North American area.

Of course, it is still possible to retrieve grib files using the traditional mail request (Saildocs) methods, But the old fashion method will multiply by a factor of 6 the volume (and the time) of transmitted data.

Good sailing,





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