Version 3.8 is released on iOS (Android development in progress)


We posted this news to present our new version 3.8 before it is officially released and collect your comments and suggestions.

Released date of V3.8 on iOS is planned on Week 18.

Main improvement are, sorted by main functionality:

Weather Routing
  • Improvement to our routing engine with the objective to reach 100% success when we use the automatic waypoints positionning. To achieve this, we are now using gates instead of circular zones to identify the waypoints. Each gate is identified by 2 buoys: A red one for port and a green one for starbord. Of course, each buoy can be modified as required (move, add or delete). The circular zones will continue to be used for arrival and stop overs points.



  • As we have gor numerous request to be able to use Navionics maps also for weather routing (it was only available in navigation so far), this development is progressing very well and will be available in V3.8.

Weather Module 
  • Added a meteogram to visualize weather conditions synchronized with the position of the boat on the map. (screenshot is in French but all those facilities are also available in English).

  • “Windy” like way to see the dynamics of the winds for a better assesment of wind conditions over a large area (planned on iOS only).


  • Possibility to load a weather forecast for any zone by clicking on the “down arrow” icon. No need to run a routing to get weather forecasts.
  • Improvements to the isobarics curves.
Navigation module
  • Possibility to display or not the GPS / NMEA data to save space on the map.


  • AIS/NMEA: Better stability, friends management and competitors tracking during regattas.



  • Possibility to share GPS data between a phone and a non cellular iPad, even without a WiFi
  • iOS: Corrected GPS settings. It is now possible to activate the GPS only when the app is active (previously, it was required to set this parameter to “always”).
Racing functionalities
  • Improved isochron display to better identify routing options during offshore regattas.



Nautical maps
  • UKHO derived packs are sold for permanent use with one yearly update. Navigation areas are extended and prices are significantly reduced.
    • Packs available: UK and Ireland, England South and Ireland South, Belgium+Netherlands and East of England, West Mediterranean, East Mediterranean, North of Spain and Portugal, Transatlantic Islands, Lesser Antillas (mixe of UKHO, SHOM and NOAA maps)
  • SHOM derived packs prices are also reduced.

You can send us comments and suggestions by adding comments to this post.

Good Sailing !


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