VPP Polar capture at sea is available with Version 5.2

Version 5.2 is released on the AppStore. Version 5.2 for Android should be released in about one week.. This version introduces the following improvements:

  • Capture your boat real speed data at sea.

This facility is very easy to use and will anbale you to get precise speed performance of your boat. It enables you to update your existing VPP with real data acquired in navigation

In particular, this will be very useful for:

  • Multi hull boats, whose VPPs are difficult to get from the shipyard.
  • Racing boats with foils.
  • Classic boats,

This function is included in the base version of Avalon Offshore.

A tutorial vidéo is avaibale on Youtube.

  •  Automatic connection to the NMEA/Wifi box

We have pre-registered the main Wifi AIX and NMEA multiplexors. If your wifi box is recognized, Avalon will automatically connect to it from the Navigation settings screen.

A list of compatible equipements is available on our web site in the “equipments” tab.

If your device is not recognized, please let us know and we will add it in he next version.

  • Display competitors VMC (Velocity Made to Course) and ETA.

For the racers, we have added in the AIS target table (AIS icon when white) the VMC and ETA to arrival (or to a buoy) so that you can easily compare yourself to competition.


Good sailing


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