What is the racing option ?

Regatta racers have different navigation needs than the cruisers.

In oder to provide them with those additional functions without making Avalon Offshore more complex for the cruiser, we have regrouped those functions in a speficic Racing Module that includes:

  • Regatta Start management: You will cross the start line at the second. This assumes that Avalon is connected to an inboard GPS. As an example, an NKE GPS will send 30 positions by second while the Apple iOS will not send a new position before tha boat has moved by at least 5 meters.
  • Lay lines display (assumes you get real TWS and TWA via NMEA connection): This will be valuable if you have precise Polars, either measured at sea or calculated via Avalon VPP.
  • Possibilty to adjust the winds:
    • Advance or postpone forecasts
    • Ajust wind speed (TWS)
  • Capability to adjust the VPPs in relation to the sea status. The system is also able to differentiate between unidirectional and crossed sea. (Apple iOS only).