Why buying Avalon Offshore vs other Navigation Software ?

…. for 3 main reasons: Avalon is easy to use, complete and powerful !

  • Avalon Offshore integrates in one single app the whole set of functions needed by a skipper (Offshore Racer or Cruiser): Weather Routing, Navigation, Anchoring Alarm, Racing Option, Customized or Standard Polars, etc …
  • Avalon is very simple to use, even for Weather Routing beginners: fill in your starting and arrival points as well as your starting time, then “compute route”. That’s it !
  • Avalon Offshore is able to automatically position waypoints. No more need to fix waypoints to go from New York City to Newport or from Barcelona to Lisbon
  • Avalon Offshore provides you with a comparizon between optimized and minimum distance route, without any need for intermediate waypoints. This facility will make you save many motoring hours.
  • Avalon Offshore offers you the choice among 33 automatic weather sources, icluding HD ones. “Automatic” means:
      • No need to indicate your navigation area
      • No need to load gribs from internet or from a Saildocs request (very inefficient in terms of transmission time and volumes)
      • Very easy to simulate a route with different sources to validate the stability of the forecasted weather.
  • AvalonOffshore you with a very complete synthesis of your planned cruise, to enable a quick decision on when leaving safely the harbor.
  • Avalon Offshore has a very complete offering of Nautical maps.
    • Free public charts are preloaded: USA, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.
    • SHOM packs (purchases) at avery attractive prices.
    • UKHO packs (one year right to use) except the Lesser Antillas pack that can be purchased (reason is that it is composed of maps from UKHO, SHOM and NOAA).
    • Charts are loaded and available at any time on the tablet, unlike some apps that forces to scan the navigation area before leaving the harbor.
    • From Version 3.7 onwards, if you have a valid subscription to Navionics Boating or Boating HD, you can use those maps under Avalon Offshore. No additional costs..
  • Avalon Offshore computes routes within seconds. (depends upon the distance), thanks to a very powerful engine derived from vitual regatta routing. This engine is able to calculate 70 millions of routes within 10 seconds on a PC. On top, Avalon scans all the headings with a 180 degree angle (90 degree on every side of the direct heading). Most of the routers are limited to 90 degrees (45 degree on each side). This makes Avalon Offshore a very nice tool to use to calculate routes.
  • Avalon Offshore is the only weather routing system that integrates a real VPP (Velocity Prediction Program). This gives you the capability to get your customized polars for every sail set taking into account the precise characteristics of your boat as well as your way of selling (long cruise, day cruise, regatta, etc …)
  • If you use Avalon VPP polars (free of charge), Avalon will be able to display heeling and reefing info for each of your route points.

To help you compare your navigation software to Avalon, you will find a benchmark below:

See benchmark