Why to use customized polars ?

You can get standard VPPs on the web, generally produced by the shipyards or the ORC?

Thos VPPs are computed in ideal conditions: new racing sails, almost no fuel and no water, folding propellor, etc … They can be OK for regattas but cannot fit the needs of a cruiser.

Too often, those standard VPPs are underestimated by a factor of 20% but this is a completely wrong method from a naval architecture viewpoint. Indeed, this ponderation factor should be different for each TWA and TWS to be correct.

As an example, a used sailset will drasticaly reduce your speed boat when close hauling but will be almost ok when broad reaching.

This is why we have developed Avalon VPP: to allow you to get your customized VPPs, fully integrating the detailed equipment of your boat and also your way of sailing.

Moreover, we consider that a good weather routing software should provide such a facility free of charge.

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