WiFi connection settings for main AIS and NMEA devices


NKEBox WifiMultiplexeurOuiOui192.168.56.150000
ShipmodulMiniplex 2WIMultiplexeurOuiOui10.0.0.110110
ShipmodulMiniplex 3WIMultiplexeurOuiOui10.0.0.110110
ShipmodulMiniplex 3WI N2KMultiplexeurOuiOui10.0.0.110110
AMECCamino 108WAISOuiNon192.168.1.13333
Vesper MarineCortex M1AISOuiNon192.168.15.139150
Vesper MarineXB 8000
Yacht DevicesYDRW – O2MultiplexeurOuiOui192.168.4.11456
Yacht DevicesYDWN – O2MultiplexeurOuiOui192.168.4.11456
Ocean SignalATB 1AISOui?


Please contact us.

This data is provided to help you connect Avalon Offshore to your marine electronic devices. It is only indicative. For more information, please contact the device provider.


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