Vendee Globe 2020

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Vendee Globe 2020

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Let's exchange impressions about the Vendee 2020 and Avalon on English.

For me. Was a bit interesting. I started with Avalon later, from Canaries or Cape Verde as I missed turn to Azores Low pressure change and needed to catch the front runners.

Any way I like this race. Absolutely different from 2016. Of course the some technical problems on VR. Technical problems on Avalon. It's routine. Like Andy on Vendee sad: "They are professionals and they use to it." I don't feel like that. Any way it's fit to me.

On the Pacific when finally Avalon started worked as it should be there came out another problem. On that tight corridor Zezo players started to overtake me. How are you? You have the same problem? I noticed, that changing a calculation methods are different results. You know, from Automatic to Insane 2. I used Insane 2 and sometimes Automatic. Tonight tried all of them. The best result was - High. Almost 1 hour gain on 2000 nm.
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