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  • Easy to use. Define start and end position then compute route. That is all !
  • Complete navigation and route monitoring system
  • 350+ boats available
  • Complete set of integrated weather and stream sources.
  • Automatic weather and stream sources. No need to load external météo "grib" files.
  • A very clear cruise summary for your safety and comfort
  • Integration of currents
  • 900 pre-loaded public (free) nautical charts





New Quick Start Videos are posted:

Weather Routing

  • Routing up to 240 hours (can be extended to 500 hours)
  • Automatic Meteo Sources:
    • NOAA GFS 0.25 and 1 degree on 240 hours
    • NAM CONUS (Connected US) 0.15 degree
    • NAM Hawai, Guam and Puerto Rico 0.05 degree
    • NAM Carribean and Central America 0.1 degree
    • Météo France Arpege 0.10 degrees on 96 hours
    • Mété France Arome (0.025 degree)  and Arome HD (0.010 degrees) on 36 hours
    • CEP Hirlam 0.1 degree
    • Open WRF SKIRON
      • 7 “12 km areas”: Spain, France, Italy, Ionian, Aegean, Taurus and Crusafe
      • 2 “4 km areas”: Sicily and Thyrrhenian (more to come, on demand)
    • Highly compressed Iridium source based on NOAA GFS 1 degree
  • Possibility to load additional sources (grib or grib2 format)
  • Integration of currents in selected navigation areas (Generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information)
  • Integration of waves
  • Mixed sail and engine routing
  • 400+ boat polars pre-loaded in the system (+ Additional polars on demand)
  • Automatic import of calculated routes in the Navigation module
  • Export calculated routes under GPX format
  • Best Start calculation

Weather Forecast

  • Wind, Gust, Waves, Precipitation, Storms, Cloud Coverage, Pressure, Temperature

Integrated Nautical Cartography

  • 900 pre-loaded public raster charts in USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina
  • Users can load their private navigational charts (raster format)
  • ©SHOM charts (Avalon format) available as in-app purchases on Android and Apple

Navigation and Route Monitoring

  • Navigation route created from calculated route
  • Route monitoring and recording
  • Boat position
  • Display AIS targets
  • Display NMEA 0183 onstruments
  • SOG (Speed Over Ground)
  • COG (Course Over Ground)
  • Distance, heading and VMC to next waypoint
  • Compass