March 2020 news: Education, Iridium, GPX, Web Router, Virtual Regattas

Here are the latest improvements:

Online education program

We have recently added 2 education modules on Avalon Offshore that can be found here:

2 modules are already available

  1. Initial settings: weather sources, boat and sail sets
  2. Easy Routing: Calculate your first route in less than 1 minute

3 additional modules are in development:

  1. Advanced Routing
  2. Using Avalon in navigation
  3. Analyzing weather forecast

Those modules can be found here:

Iridium and other Satellite transmissions

We have complemented our offer (included in the Premium subscription) and now have 6 sources optimised for Iridium:

  • NOAA GFS 1 degree
  • Deutsche Wetterdienst 0.06 degree 120 hours
  • Deutsche Wetterdienst 0.06 degree 30 hours (8 updates a day)
  • Meteo France Arpege 0.1 degree
  • NAM Carribean 0.1 degree
  • NAM ConUS 0.15 degree

Those sources enables a reduction of transmitted volumes (and therefore time) by up to 95%. The transmission is fully automatic.

Avalon WebRouter

We have published on the web a free tool to calculate routes for your daily and coastal cruises. On top of the route, it also provides with the marine weather forecast fully synchronized with the route.

It is extremely simple to use: select boat, departure and arrival harbors, motoring speed and planned started date….. and compute route ! That’s all,   

So far, we cover USA, UK (w/o Northern Ireland) and France. If successful, more countries will be added: Ireland, Iberia, Italy, …

GPX Import

Since version 3.8.9, it is now possible to import routes underGPX format into Avalon. This enables you to combine the very precise auto routing facility from Navionics with the powerful weather routing from Avalon Offshore.

From Navionics, it is pretty straightforward. Go into Navionics, select the route and when you want to export it, you can copy it directly into Avalon.

Avalon Virtual

We remind you that we have published a specific router for virtual regatta  games. This tool is much more suited to regatta simulation than real navigation software.

Moreover, it is free of charge and can be found here:

And a support forum here:

Good sailing,


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