Iridium Go (new method), export grib2 files and competitors positions in offshore regattas. Version 5.3.2

Version 5.3.2 improves the following:

  • Weather data download via an Iridium Go!: The management of the communication with the Iridium Go is now 100% controlled from the Routing module within Avalon. The downloading of the weather data only starts when the Iridium Go is fully connected to the Internet. There is no more possible confusion between the Iridium messages “Activating Internet services” and “Connected (to the Internet)”.
  • Export wind data under grib2 format from Avalon to other routing/navigation systems. This can be done from the route management menu (“folder” icon), If you have several navigation systems on board, you only need to download the data once and you benefit from the efficient weather data compression (up to 95%) built-in Avalon to drastically reduce your satellite connection time. This capability has been tested with OpenCPN and Adrena but not yet with Expedition.
  • Display competitors position that you can received by mail during some offshore regattas, under dcc format. This was requested by some offshore racers using Avalon.
    Note: For coastal regattas (or within AIS range) Avalon displays your competitors position within their speed and VMC (velocity made to course). It also displays the ETA planned differences at the next waypoint: buoy, cape, gate, arrival, etc ….

A video explaining those improvements has been posted on Youtube.

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